Homai Nga Taonga

Homai Ngā Taonga Early Childhood Centre

Our Mission – We dedicate our day for the well-being of our tamariki, whanau and staff.

We display creativity and enthusiasm which results in positive outcomes and develop confidence to become competent learners and explorers. Cultural awareness is supported by all the staff members to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Our centre programme focus on children’s individual interest which helps in their holistic development by providing an environment inclusive of social, emotional spiritual, and
cultural strengths. Our focus is to support tamariki to become confident and competent learners.

“Let us nurture your precious children”


At Homai Nga Taonga Childhood Centre there is a special relationship with the Homai Primary School, the Adult Learning Centre and the local community. There will be times of interaction with these various parts of the “village” and we are excited that tamariki will have their worldview expanded in a safe and nurturing environment. You will receive regular communications about becoming part of the village—this special feature is what makes this centre unique!

Welcome to Homai Nga Taonga, welcome to the Taonga whanau, welcome to the Village that will contribute to the raising of your child! Nau mai Haere mai, Piki mai, kake mai …(Welcome, Welcome, Welcome)

About Us

History: choosing the name “Homai Nga Taonga”

The Trustees of Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust believe it is important that the history of Manurewa is perpetuated as much as possible.

It was in the early 1920s that Manurewa began to be promoted as a convenient commuting suburb with its proximity to the railway. The name for the area came as a result of having a second station in Manurewa being built with funding raised by the local residents, together with the overhead bridge land donated by John Dreadon. It was a gentleman named Maurice Harding who suggested the name “Homai” meaning “a gift” so the station and the surrounding area would always recall the ‘gift’ of the residents in purchasing the land for the station, and the ‘gift’ of land given by Dreadon for the overhead bridge to be built…

It is interesting to note that pre-school education first took place in this area (Homai) in 1965 when the Foundation for the Blind facility in Parnell was proving too limited in space, and 55 acres were taken under the Public Works Act for the Ministry of Education to establish Homai College, and the first intake was of “blind or partially-sighted pre-schoolers”. The school which this centre is sited originally called Manurewa North School and opened in April 1955 now is Homai Primary School. Manurewa High School was built alongside in 1965.

We give this brief history as a forerunner to choosing our name for this centre. There is a long history of educational commitment and stability in this area. There has always been a desire for families to have access to social infrastructure. There is a clear message that children were, and still are, a primary focus. We believe “Homai nga Taonga” captures both the history of “the gift” and the God-given gift of a child, as well as our own name and acronym reflecting a “treasure” and ‘totally acknowledging our next generation’s abilities’.

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What we can offer

  • 20 ece hours for 3 – 6 years & Winz subsidy
  • Healthy and Nutritious meals
  • Accept 0-6 years *conditions apply
  • Outdoor programme
  • Te Reo me ngā Tikanga Maori
  • Low child/high teacher ratio
  • Qualified registered teachers

Would you like to use StoryPark to help follow your children's journey?

Storypark helps children transition to school or between services and lets parents treasure stories, images and videos from their child’s learning journey forever (at no cost to the parents)

Parents can create a free account for their child before they join our service, and can continue to use Storypark after they leave.

We take security seriously and adhere to government guidelines for cybersafety. No one can find your child’s account unless you invite them.

If you have never used Storypark before, simply go to www.storypark.com and click the ‘Try for free’ button.

Homai Ngā Taonga Handbook

The beliefs and values of Homai Nga Taonga Early Childhood Centre are totally acknowledging our next generation’s abilities.
Our centre welcomes all families, recognising the diversity of people’s beliefs, cultures, values and abilities within our community.

  • We strongly support the development of partnerships with parents based on mutual respect, valuing and welcoming their input and involvement into the centre.
  • Our professional, caring and committed staff work together to meet the goals of our service.
  • Our professional, caring and committed staff work together to meet the goals of our service.

We provide a modern, attractive, secure, hygienic and interactive environment for children to explore, stimulating their senses and minds.
Our programmed learning experiences assist in the development of the whole
child: emotionally, culturally, socially, cognitively and physically.

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Leaving your child in somebody else’s care can be an anxious time for children and parents. Most children will settle very quickly if families are positive and clear in what they are doing. If a child feels that you’re upset then they will be upset too. Parents should feel free to call as many times as they wish to check on their child and are most welcome to come and visit. If parents wish to visit, they may need to check with the staff on their arrival, as some children who see their parents immediately believe it is time to go home.

Parents/Guardians should also be aware that it is very common for children to settle quite easily for the first couple of attendance days and then regress a little sometimes during the second or third week of attendance. This is not cause for alarm, but merely indicates that the novelty of the new experience has waned a little and the realisation that mum and dad leave has set in. Again, this is a time when we encourage parents to be very positive with their child and also spend time at home discussing childcare and the wonderful things they do when they are there. Parents are asked to remember that time is very important in helping a child to settle in. A few extra minutes in the morning to engage a child in an activity is far better than sneaking off when the child is not looking.


The Homai Nga Taonga Education Centre Trustees and staff communicate and consult with each other and with parents/guardians, whanau, hapu, iwi and local communities acknowledging and respecting all parties’ values, needs and aspirations.


Homai Nga Taonga Education Centre Trustees and staff implement policies, objectives and practices which;

  • Reflect the Centre’s philosophy, quality curriculum, current theories of Learning and development, the requirements of the Desirable Objectives, Practices and Legislation.
  • Acknowledge parents/guardians and whanau needs and aspirations for their child.
  • Reflect the unique place of Maori as Tangata Whenua and the principle of partnership inherent in Te Tiriti O Waitangi.
  • Are inclusive, equitable and culturally appropriate.
  • Are regularly evaluated and modified by an on-going, recorded process of internal review.

Homai Nga Taonga Education Centre Trustees make the audited annual financial statements available to staff, parents/guardians, whanau, the local community and Government, to account for the use of Ministry of Education and other Statutory, Corporate and/or Private Funds.

Enrolment procedure

We recommend that you visit Homai Nga Taonga Early Childhood Centre before making your final decision. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, talk to the supervisor and staff, ask questions and talk to other whanau members. Ask for an enrolment form. Once enrolled, your child will be given a place or put on the waiting list. Government funding is dependent on hours/times your child is in our Centre.

Change of enrolment details

Any changes to your child’s enrolment records need to be verified at reception, e.g. change of address, change of telephone numbers, people not authorized to collect your child, illnesses, diseases, allergies, etc.


We take children from birth until they turn six years old.

Whanau Support

We encourage the whanau to communicate freely with the staff as their input is very important. We also appreciate parent help which gives the whanau an insight to the activities of the Centre and the routine we have.


Visits to new and exciting places are a natural part of childhood. As well as field trips we also incorporate into the program local community visits, e.g.: recreation centre’s, swimming pools, shops, parks, the zoo, etc. When a trip is planned by the centre, you will be advised by a notice on the notice board regarding the time, place, date and day.


We have plenty of toys here for everyone to share. We do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of a toy and discourage your child bringing their own toysHowever, if your child has a cuddly toy that would help settle him/her down, we would like to know more about it.


All staff employed at the centre is committed to the well being of the children and possess the knowledge and skills essential for children in their care. We pride ourselves on the quality of the staff in our centre which is vital in offering high quality care.

The team here at Homai Nga Taonga Early Childhood Centre includes a Qualified Centre Supervisor, Head teacher and a team of kaiako who come with a wealth of life skills, knowledge and diverse cultures that we believe add value to our service. We also have an Administrator to keep the office running.


If a child sustains a minor accident while at Homai Nga Taonga Centre the child will be attended to by a staff member qualified in first aid. However, if the child requires a doctor’s attention, they will be taken as quickly as possible to the child’s family doctor or the nearest medical centre by a staff member while the administrator contacts the parents. The staff member will remain with the child until the parent takes responsibility. All accidents will be recorded in the accident register book.


The Centre provides a hot meal as well as morning and afternoon tea.

Rest time

Homai Nga Taonga Early Childhood Centre believes children need to rest during the day and all children will be given that opportunity. Complete relaxation takes place in a quiet, supervised surrounding. This rest time is done like in a marae, with the exception of the small pepi (babies) who are assigned a cot.

Notice Board and Newsletters

Please watch for notices, parent/adult training information, health notices, upcoming trips, curriculum programs and income support notices etc.

Hours of Operation

Licensing Hours:    Monday to Friday 7.30am- 6.00pm

Please note hours of operation.  Our license is for these hours only; we cannot take responsibility for children outside of these hours. We are closed for Statutory Holidays and possibly for two to three weeks during the Christmas period.  Normal childcare fees apply to statutory holidays and absences.


Children must attend a minimum of 2 days per week. Charges will vary depending on hours. Fees are to be paid at least one week in advance, i.e. by Friday of the previous

week. The first payment, therefore, being a double one.
We offer Free ECE to 3 and 5 year olds, Children must attend a minimum of 4 hours per day. FREE 20 hours — 8.00 till 12:00 and 12:30 till 4:30

Emergency Contact

You will need to provide names and telephone numbers of relatives or friends we can contact in case the parent cannot be reached in the event of an emergency. We require details in advance if your child is to be released to anyone other than the people nominated on the enrolment form.

Parents responsibilities

Please walk your child into the Centre upon your arrival to ensure their safety.  Parents are required to complete the sign in/out sheet each day they attend.

If someone else will be collecting your child, please phone and let the centre know.  They must be 14 years of age or older.  For your child’s safety, they will not be released to anyone that is not on each child’s emergency contact list without prior permission given by the parent/caregiver.

We also encourage you, the parent or caregiver to make sure that your child attends their enrolled days.  Consistency of attendance is the key to children settling, engaging in the curriculum, having that all important sense of belonging and playing a part in the day-to-day running of the Centre.


It is essential that whanau notify the Centre whenever their tamariki will be absent from the Centre and if possible the duration of his/her absence. This enables the Centre to monitor children’s attendance more accurately.

Children's Health

Children with illnesses, severe colds, severe coughs, rashes, high temperatures, diarrohea, vomiting or infectious diseases of any nature must be kept at home to avoid the spread of infection to other children and staff.  The Supervisor may refuse to allow your child to attend the Centre until they have fully recovered or have a medical clearance.  Children whom are sick are cared for until whanau arrive to collect them.  If the Head Teacher or Supervisor contacts you because your child is ill, please make arrangements and every effort to collect your child as quickly as possible.  Children will be kept in the isolation area until parents collect them.  All illnesses are recorded in the illness register.


When a child is on medication prescribed by a doctor it is essential that the medicine be handed to a member of staff and not left in the child’s bag.  You must complete and sign the medicine register authorizing staff to administer the medication specifying time and dosage amount.  If this is not completed fully, licencing criteria prevents staff from administering the medicine.  Medication is to be taken back home each day.


We highly recommend a labelled bag for your child and at least two clearly labelled change of clothes.

Spring/Summer (Sept – Apr) Please ensure your child has with them a clearly labelled sun hat and swim wear for water play. Towel (optional)

Autumn/Winter (May – Aug) Please ensure your child has a warm hat, jacket and covered shoes.


Whilst children are in the centre they are provided with cloth nappies as we do not use disposable nappies.  However, we ask for at least one disposable nappy for your child to go home in each day.

Phone: (09) 269 2867 | Email: homai@taonga.org.nz | 89 Browns Rd, Manurewa, Auckland 2102